Apprenticeship toolkit

University of Derby Apprenticeship Hub

The University of Derby takes a very strategic approach to effective management of apprenticeships across the university and has created an Apprenticeship Hub - currently consisting of four staff on secondment from their normal roles:

  • Head of apprenticeships
  • Operations and compliance manager
  • Academic lead
  • Business engagement manager

This team has put considerable effort into getting the message out across the University about how apprenticeships are different to other programmes and this work has underpinned getting people on board and changing the culture.

They began with generic workshops for people in any role interested in the topic and have gone on to do more targeted sessions eg for admissions staff. They also have a focus on helping senior academic managers understand the workload implications of developing this type of course and build this into their workload model.

There is also a programme leaders forum that acts as a self-help group. Staff from the Apprenticeship Hub attend the meetings and pull out learning that needs to be shared across the institution.

The Hub team feels it is very lucky in the excellent support it gets from other departments across the university particularly IT services and the quality team. IT services has been fully on-board with getting systems and processes to work for apprenticeships and in supporting training and staff development. The quality team has been very proactive at looking at where regulations may need to be changed or amended eg changing the external examiners report pro forma to work for apprenticeships as well.