Apprenticeship toolkit

Last updated 12 November 2018


Higher and degree apprenticeships: glossary of acronyms and terms


Apprenticeship Certificates England. This is the body that provides certificates for apprenticeships delivered under the old frameworks. Certificates for apprenticeships under the new standards will be delivered direct by the ESFA.


Apprenticeship Service -


Digital Apprenticeships Service - this was the proposed name for the service that is now known simply as the Apprenticeships Service.


Employer Data Service - a web service where apprenticeship providers can find information about employers including their ERN (the acronym EDRS is also used interchangeably).


End Point Assessment - an independent, synoptic assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to meet the apprenticeship standard. In the case of degree apprenticeships the standard and assessment plan will specify whether the EPA is integrated into the degree or carried out separately by an external body. EPA can only be carried out by organisations that are on the register of endpoint assessment organisations in relation to each particular standard.


Employer Reference Number - needed for audit purposes and statutory returns.


Education and Skills Funding Agency - the body that funds apprenticeships.

The Hub

A set of online services for use by organisations working with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)


Identity and Access Management System - the name of the government information management service system - training providers will need to be registered with this system to use some of the services mentioned in this glossary.


Institute for Apprenticeships - a crown, non-departmental public body responsible for the development and quality of apprenticeships.


Individualised Learner Record - statutory data return to be completed for all apprentices.


Learning Aim Reference Service - an open dataset of learning aims and other information frequently used in apprenticeships. Can be used to populate statutory returns although more useful for apprenticeships still running under the old frameworks rather than the new standards.


Learning Records Service - manages the ULN and the PLR.


The personal learning record is an online compilation of a person’s learning and achievement records collected by UK education bodies.


Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers


Unique Learner Number - widely used in schools and FE and increasingly used in higher education.


University Vocational Awards Council - a membership organisation providing help and guidance to the higher education sector.