Apprenticeship toolkit

Active blended learning at the University of Northampton

Here are some tips for effective design (adapted from University of Northampton’s Overcoming barriers to student engagement with Active Blended Learning.)

  • Ensure there is an explicit relationship between online components of the course and face-to-face sessions.
  • Connect face-to-face and online components so that face-to-face sessions use the outputs of online components or vice versa.
  • Ensure that staff are regularly visible online.
  • Avoid repetition of content in the classroom that has already appeared online and vice versa.
  • Progressively increase digital and cognitive skill requirements over time.
  • Clarify the value of online activities and the skills learned eg in relation to employability
  • Vary the tools and types of activity but strike a balance between always doing the same thing and overloading different tools.
  • The tool, the task or the knowledge can be new and challenging but avoid all three at the same time.