Apprenticeship toolkit

Online apprenticeships

The University College of Estate Management (UCEM) delivers all of its apprenticeships mainly online. ​ This diagram shows an example of their delivery model for their chartered surveyor apprenticeship.


Apprentices at UCEM are enthusiastic about the benefits of online learning.

‘Finding the balance between working and studying is key to make an apprenticeship work and UCEM’s online learning environment makes it so easy for me to access programme material around my role. I was unsure how I would adapt to online learning, following a classroom based approach but it’s been really easy and I’ve not looked back since.

The programme material has been really engaging too, it’s up to date with key industry challenges and movements and it’s been great to share this insight with my colleagues. In fact, I’ve just recently finished a module in legal which I really enjoyed as I was able to apply some of my learnings to a real life situation at the time.’ Raj Clair, Level 6 BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying, UCEM

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‘Balancing work and study can be quite challenging, but it’s all about organising your time properly, and making sure you have the capacity to take on and balance different tasks. With UCEM I can access the majority of my programme material online, which has meant I can be more flexible with where and how I learn.

My study material is also very structured which provides consistency, and it is clear from the start of each task what is expected of me. In written assignments and workshops I receive detailed feedback on how to develop my work further next time which keeps me on my toes and ensures I am constantly being challenged. The material used is fantastic as I can easily relate it back to my role and vice versa.’ Beth Lord, Surveying Technician Apprentice, UCEM

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