Apprenticeship toolkit

Tips for apprenticeship friendly language

Our guide on Managing Course Information has a section on language that contains useful guidance on writing learning outcomes and writing other student facing documentation.

  • Say ‘you’ or ‘as an apprentice you will …‘not ‘the student …’
  • Use active not passive verb forms
  • Use verbs rather than abstract nouns
  • Spell out acronyms
  • Use technical words with care

Reusable information

The University of Sunderland believed strongly that it was possible to capture course information at the approval stage in such a way as to assist its repurposing for other uses and that preparing programme specifications in plain English need not amount to ‘dumbing down’. The academic experience committee agreed a revised programme specification template which was successfully piloted and experience to date suggests that the university is successfully maintaining an appropriate balance accessibility and academic integrity.

‘More is not necessarily better and plain English need not be a barrier to academic precision.’ University of Sunderland ​

Staffordshire University has also been providing guidance to staff to enable content to be written in such a way that it can be written once and used again for multiple purposes. As well as language and terminology this also includes consideration of formatting (eg capitalisation which is rarely used in published marketing literature) and Disability Discrimination Act requirements.