Apprenticeship toolkit

Data protection need not be a barrier

Universities used to a one-to-one relationship with their students are often concerned about the ethical and legal issues surrounding the sharing of data with employers. Employers however need good and timely access to data in order to fulfil their role. One large employer told us they would ideally like to see all results and marks before they are released to the apprentices. The reason for this is so they can be ready to support any apprentices who are not achieving as expected.

GDPR need not be a barrier to effective information exchange. The justification for data processing in this instance is the apprenticeship contract. The rules for data processing you are obliged to carry out in order to fulfil your contractual obligations are less restrictive than those for which you specifically require the individual’s consent. You can keep up with the latest news on GDPR and its implementation by following the Jisc regulatory developments blog.